Urbanscapes from Africa through image and sound. Featured countries: Ethiopia, Mauritania, Mali and Senegal

Churchill Road, Addis Ababa

For long, urban theorists have considered African metropolises either failed cities with hardly any services available, or more optimistically constant works-in-progress, and recently even as areas where the existing informal economies and social networks can teach us lessons for other rapidly growing urban areas.

So, how is it? I am about to find out.

Featured Works

Stories on and by people living in urban environments in centres, peripheries and in-betweens.

Addis Ababa Bamako Dakar Nouakchott

About Afropolis

Afropolis is a multidisciplinary art project presenting urban Africa through photography and sound by Jarmo Pikkujamsa, a researcher living and working in Senegal.

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Ndar Ndar Music & Café, Saint-Louis, Senegal
November-December 2019


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