This page shows the work-in-progress of the project that I’m carrying out in a home residency supported by The Kone Foundation. Confined to home due to the Covid-19 pandemic, encounters with people are getting rarer and rarer so I wish to document traces of this strange time by chatting with people both face to face and from distance. I am asking people to talk about their relationship to their hometown and how the pandemic is affecting each and every one of us. They also talk about the city of their dreams.

During this time I will be publishing short video excerpts of these discussions on Vimeo. People talk in them in French or in Wolof and I will later use this material in video installations in connection with Afropolis with subtitles in English. You can follow updates to this project on this page, in a blog and through social media at Ello.

Video excerpts

I dream of going to Touba

Mouhammadou Mbaw: “I dream of going to Touba. Touba is my town.”

There is a soul in this city

Anne-Marie Dechamps: “There is a soul in this city, an architectural and human soul. I lived in Africa for a long time and I felt good there right away. The place I love and where I want to end my days is Saint-Louis. There is no other place!

I adore this island!

Fatou Kiné Sene: “I adore this island! I love being surrounded by water. I would also like to go to Johannesburg, in a patriotic and African spirit.”

I don’t want to live elsewhere

Blaise Abebado: “We must cultivate our land well, it can help us a lot and do us good. Africa is the best – I don’t want to live elsewhere if it is not in Africa.”

I feel good here

Anne-Marie Nadialine: “Even if Senegal is a poor country, we have hospitality. I have traveled to seven European countries but, you see, Senegal is the best, I feel good here!”

I learnt a lot in Kaolack

Cheihk Tidiane Cherif Diop: “I learnt a lot in Kaolack”

Saint-Louis is taking steps back

Ibrahima Wagne: “When you look at Saint-Louis you get the impression that it’s taking steps back. We have to modernize the city.”

Streets of Saint-Louis

Afropolis 2020: Streets of Saint-Louis

We need also quiet neighbourhoods

Saer Diagne: “We need also quiet neighbourhoods.”

I hope people would return to Saint-Louis

Elias Seye: “I hope people would return to Saint-Louis and invest.”

Cité Vauvert

Clémentine Bayel: “The very first Bambara of Saint-Louis live here in Cité Vauvert.”

Koufa, Nouakchott

Khady Fall: “There are a lot of foreigners in Koufa in Nouakchott.”

Streets of Saint-Louis II

Afropolis 2020: Streets of Saint-Louis II
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