My second hometown Brussels has its own urban dynamics with a large and lively diasporan and Afropean* presence that I will present with street photography and a documentary film.

* I owe the title name of this page to Johny Pitts and his book Afropean, Notes From Black Europe (Allen Lane 2019, Penguin Books 2020) that I strongly recommend to everybody. Here is just one short quote from Pitts’ critical pen to illuminate his – and my – experience:

It is encouraged to celebrate signs of being from elsewhere, as long as they are contained and infantilized, segregated from any meaningful role in society, – saris, samosas and steel drums to be stared at. It’s why the word ‘Afropean’ irks some people; it inserts a provocative complication into ideas of ethnic absolutism and suggests an assimilation whereby the so-called ‘other’ doesn’t segregate into ghettos or vanish into parody or invisibility but is firmly lodged within the notion of the European.

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