A new bridge please

Anne-Marie Nadialine affirms that Saint-Louis needs a new bridge.

I am a native of Saint-Louis and I think that Saint-Louis is a very beautiful city compared to other regions in Senegal. It is a peaceful city, really. At least for the moment life is not expensive and the city is within the reach of all social strata, the rich, the poor, and those in between. I’ve always lived in Saint-Louis on the island.

I like the island the most, because there is a good breeze and we are surrounded by water from the river. Otherwise I would like to live by the river for example in Hydrobase , close to the sea because there is a good wind that allows to breathe well, that’s good for your health.

If we should change something in Saint-Louis… First of all, we have the traffic jams in the city center on the island. There is a bridge problem, as we only have one bridge. So during rush hours it is always difficult for pedestrians to move normally because cars pass everywhere in the city, next to homes, near schools, and that creates accidents. We don’t want that of course but it’s unavoidable! We would like to find a solution and have another bridge where the refrigerated vans and heavy vehicles could pass to the other side of the river. That would make life easier for people on the island.

The Faidherbe Bridge that connects the island of Saint-Louis to the mainland.

At the moment I don’t have much idea of a dream city but I would like to travel all over the world and then choose a city that I like the most, a city where I feel more comfortable. I like traveling, planes, going away and coming back, and I like comparisons with my country which is Senegal. It’s a country of hospitality as we say, and that is true despite the fact that it is an emerging country or a poor country. Still, Saint-Louis is a beautiful city and I like it. I’ve had the chance to travel to five European countries but you see, Senegal is better… In any case I feel good here!

This is a partial translation from French from a discussion with Anne-Marie Nadialine on her home town Saint-Louis of Senegal. The recording was made on 25 April 2020 for Afropolis Saint-Louis.

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On streets and sometimes under water.

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