Between public and private

The difference between the desert and the city of Nouakchott is striking, but on a second thought there is something about the city that marks the visitor with strangeness and resemblance of the desert, like vague echoes from just outside the city where the vast space of sand and quietness hits you on the face. I am preparing a video installation for one of the upcoming exhibitions on Afropolis and in this work-in-progress you can see images shot in Nouakchott in one day during one walk. As such, the film attempts to show one omnipresent aspect that strikes me the most in this city: privacy. Everything seems hidden, private, behind walls. Pedestrians are a rare sight in comparison to cars. While shooting, I was also interrupted by guards on every second street corner and got momentarily “arrested” and interrogated by a police officer. Public space in Nouakchott seems more private than anywhere I have ever been. There is also footage from the desert shot in a very improvised way on a couple of short and very windy moments during a trek between Chinquetti and Terjit.

Hope you enjoy this short excerpt! -> Afropolis 2020 Nouakchott

Update: Unfortunately the clip is not showing more than three minutes of its entire duration of 10:24 and as such it leaves out seven minutes of the footage from both the desert and Nouakchott. As the upload is obviously corrupted, I shall have to try and upload it again with a better Internet connection in the near future, so please bear with!

Published by jarmo pikkujamsa

Photography on streets and sometimes under water.

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